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STEAM Curriculum

With a new theme each term and a STEAM (STEM and Art) curriculum, students have the opportunity to complete engaging projects and take part in exciting out-of-school excursions. A range of indoor and outdoor activities help students stay active and have fun during their school holidays.


Our teachers are bilingual in both Chinese and English, so students can have the most comfortable experience during the programme. Daily language sessions also give children the chance to experience Chinese language and culture, alongside reading sessions in our mini library of over 3000 well-selected Chinese and English story books.


Our holiday programmes are OSCAR Accredited with WINZ Subsidy available. Programmes are run in two age groups: 5-7 years and 8-13 years, to give students the most suitable activities for their age and interests. Students can be dropped off at 8.30 am earliest and picked up at 5.30 pm latest daily, with main activites running from 9.30 am - 3.30 pm.

Online Alternative

We also run online holiday classes, which can be an alternative for students. These classes also follow a STEAM and Chinese curriculum, with interactive online classes for one of these subjects each day. Students can connect with friends through the online classrooms, share tasks with peers and develop confidence by presenting engaging projects.


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