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Our Courses



Introductory - Basic - Advanced

At Introductory Level Chinese, students focus on listening and speaking, and will study Pinyin  (the sounds and diacritics of Chinese language) and learn simple Chinese characters through fun and engaging activities. 

Basic Chinese starts with character recognition before moving on to comprehension, reading and writing. Skills from the Introductory Level are developed further and vocabulary is extended to around 600.

At Advanced Level, students will be encouraged to connect with the Chinese language through more advanced texts and situations to progress their understanding. Vocabulary will be extended further to around 3000, and students should be ready for HSK (Chinese Proficinecy Test) Levels 4 - 6.



Drawing - Painting - Traditional Chinese Art

Our Art courses encourage students to express their emotions through visual arts and develop their creative ability.

Students will develop fundamental skills and ideas of Art in drawing, painting or crafts. Classes include: Children's Art, sketching, cartoon drawing, watercolour painting, acrylic painting, crafts, and more.

Traditional Chinese Art class provides students an opportunity to engage with Chinese culture through ink painting and calligraphy.

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Science - Coding - Robotics - Mathematics

In Science, students develop knowledge in primary level general Science and use experiments to strengthen understanding of concepts and theories.

Our Coding course for children uses Scratch to program stories, games and animations. Students are encouraged to think creatively, work collaboratively and use logical reasoning.

Our Mathematics courses cover Year 1 - 13 Level Math. Students are placed into classes according to their existing knowledge, and Year Level is considered as well. These courses enrich students' math ability in number, measurement, algebra, statistics and geometry, and also develop problem-solving skills.

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