We use interactive online teaching platforms for students and teachers to teach, learn and communicate effectively during remote learning. With live broadcasting and interactive online activities, students can experience an effective and fun way of modern learning. Learning moments and data can be captured and recorded in each student's individual learning portfolio, where students and parents can monitor their progress. Teachers can communicate with students and parents through personal study reports for each class.

Face To Face

Our face to face classes offer a different style of learning, where students can share their ideas in class discussions and collaborate in groups.  Students can develop rich understanding of topics through communication in the classroom with teachers and peers, and have the opportunity to connect and problem-solve with other students. Face to face classes enrich learning through practical tasks - especially for STEM and Art subjects - where students can physically participate in experiments and hands-on activities.

Connected Learning

Connected learning is a combination of both online and face to face style classes. It is now increasingly popular in modern learning and consists of weekly online classes with monthly onsite learning sessions for students. This approach provides flexibility for students and allows them to experience the advantages of both learning styles.