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Encouraging Students to Endeavour

Welcome to Rewi Alley Chinese School! Situated in Christchurch NZ and founded in 1998, we are one of the largest Chinese schools in New Zealand.


At Rewi Alley, we aim to provide quality Chinese language and culture classes to share Chinese culture throughout New Zealand, and learning courses in STEM and Art to support students to achieve academic success. We believe that encouraging students to reach for their full potential provides a positive learning environment for them to learn and flourish.


Our Saturday classes include a full range of courses for students aged 4-18. Chinese, Art and STEM subjects classes follow courses selected to suit our students. Chinese classes run from Preliminary Chinese to Level 13 Chinese, with HSK Levels 4-6 classes as well.  Art covers different art styles for students to develop understanding of art forms, and STEM classes educate students in the four disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.



We offer after-school classes for student aged 5-16 as an online class course with a bilingual and numeracy focus. These classes are an opportunity to use time after school to enrich and enjoy learning. It is also an alternative for students who cannot attend Saturday classes to learn. Our Homework Tuition programme is designed for high school students to ask questions around school assignments and recap knowledge.

Our OSCAR after school programme has a bilingual (Chinese/English) focus and is developed to be fun and captivating for children, with qualified teachers to care for students and assist them with homework. Our holiday programme has a new theme each term, and children can enjoy engaging project-based learning activities both on the school site and on fun excursions during their holidays! Both programmes are OSCAR accredited with WINZ subsidy available.


 Learn or enrich knowledge with our adult evening Chinese classes, which focus on Chinese language and culture communication. We also offer ESOL and computing and technology classes, where people can learn about English or BYOD and device use to support their children online or gain knowledge on technology-based topics. These adult classes are available both online and onsite.

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The classes we offer are in three main categories: Chinese language and culture, The Arts, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). Students can choose to learn online, onsite or through connected learning.